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Vietnam CAD CAE Outsourcing Services

July 6, 2015
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OPTIS Enginering Vietnam is the leading CAD/CAE Outsourcing Service Provider in Vietnam. We had over 10 years experience cooperated with Japanese, Korean Companies to develop Vehicle, LCD, LED Monitor, Washing Machine.

Our service packet as below:

Reverse Engineering Linear Static Analysis Crash Analysis and Drop Test
FEM Modeling Nonlinear Analysis NVH Analysis
TCL Programming Motion Analysis Optimization Solution

CAE Services

  1. FEM Modeling – Completed FEM Modeling Process with TCL Tools support.
  2. Structural Design and Analysis
  3. Crash Analysis
  4. Motion Analysis
  5. Optimization 
  6. TCL/TCK Programming 

CAD Services

  1. 3D to 2D
  2. 2D to 3D
  3. Scan to 3D – Reverse Engineering
  4. Structural Design – Mechanical Design

Please contact us for more details:


Tel: +84 462 66 84 84

Mobile: (+84) 945 744 335 

La H. Vu

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