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Optis Engineering has provided CAE Outsourcing Services include FEA, FE Modeling, Crash Simulation since 2007. With over 10 years,...
It’s no surprise that Vietnam is being talked about as an alternative, amid rising costs and attrition rates in...
One of the most important benefits that investors will get to enjoy when choosing Vietnam as an outsourcing destination, especially when compared with its neighboring Asian countries, is the fact that there are cost savings that they can easily incur. This is in terms of the low salaries that the talented labor force in Vietnam has. It is a major reason for company which want to get high benefits in business.
If choose a phase to describe workforce of Vietnam mechanical industry in specific and it’s outsourcing industry in general, it would be said “keen on learning”. The country has thousands of mechanical students graduate from universities/colleges each year who are eager for keeping up with the demand for professionals in the Vietnam outsourcing industry.
Confidentiality and Security is the most important in our business and we do our best to keep and maintain them.